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Get ready for an exciting day!

I have created a guide to make your preparation to the session a lot easier. I want you to make a day out of it so I gather some information that I hope is helpful for you!

Don't forget Let's have some fun!!



After Photoshoot

You will have time to wind down, get some snacks we have organised for you and start enjoying a beautiful day in the Northern Beaches. 

Photoshoot time

20 minutes

I know what you might think... is that enough time? well, I have set up this sessions to be the perfect amount of time to get some fun, unapologetic and candid images of you with your family or your partner. 


10-15 min Before your session 

Arriving a few minutes earlier would give you the opportunity to settle from the drive, get the kids organised or simply give your partner a pep talk before the session.

You can also enjoy a cup of tea or coffee we would prepare for you on your arrival.

Perfect time to get changed in one of my Client Wardrobe pieces if you decided on one of them. 

Click Here for a reminder if you haven't made your selection.

Tips about the Area

B5 Cafe

Opens at 6:30 am

A Couple of block from the House there is a Small Cafe, where you can grab a few pastries or take away a pcik me up coffee.

Dee Why RSL

Opens at 10am

Always a good and safe choice for those fussy eaters, or simply to grab a cold drink and relax 

The Collaroy

Opens at 10am

If you're looking for a place to eat with a view, this is it! Perfect for Breakfast, to share some snacks or simply enjoy a cold drink.

All this Locations are less than 13 minutes drive from the location. You can also enjoy some time at Dee Why Beach or at the Long Reef Headland. Both beautiful locations.

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