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Styling Guide

I know this can be daunting, which is why I created a Styling guide.

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What you wear may be one of the most important details of your session. Outfits should complement each other and photograph well.

It is important to not show any big brands, logos or writing on your clothing as this can be distracting and draw the focus away from that special moment being captured.

Things to Consider

Colour Scheme

Tonal dressing involves choosing a single colour and wearing items that are different shades of that colour in one outfit. It’s easy to do this, but does rely on lots of different shades of the same colour in your wardrobe. You can create greater or less contrast by choosing colours that are further or closer in shade or by adding black or white pieces or accessories to the outfit.

Block dressing involves keeping one solid (or main) colour to each piece of clothing, with colour combinations of no more than two colours in the whole outfit (excluding black and white of course). It’s a fool proof formula that makes you look put together with minimal effort. A good way of facilitating block colour dressing is by having coloured shorts, silk shirts and other smaller items that will allow you to mix them in with your neutral basics such as denim jeans or a leather jacket.

With patterns and textures make sure that only one person (maximum two people) are using them otherwise it will clash.

Here are some examples


Earthy colours are one of the most flattering and easy scheme colours to mix and match for families with kids and or husbands

I'm sure you will still have questions, well don't stress! I have created a visual board to give you more ideas. 

I believe movement it's everything so for ladies I will always recommend a long dress. And for husbands textures works like magic: Linen, cardigans and cashmere.
Here you'll have more ideas

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