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What to expect for your Newborn in home Session

I am so excited for the arrival of your baby! Time flies and I'm sure you can't wait to meet the new addition to your family.


I know planning for a photoshoot session can get a little intimidating and stressful so I wanted to send over some more information on what to expect during our time together!, so please feel free to email me or message me to set the time and day once your baby is born. 

Before our session

During our session

After our session

Mum and Dad please be ready and excited for the photos! Time starts running from the moment I get to your place.

I always recommend feeding and changing baby's nappy before our session starts. As we know, newborns eat every 2-3 hours so it gives us the perfect window for our photoshoot.

Photos can be taken around your house, bedroom or nursery room if you have one, my only request is a big window or natural light. If you only have one spot in your place where you think this is possible, I can totally work with that as well.

Please re arrange the area if needed before I get there. 

Our session will be very laid back and I provide a bit of direction so that moments are natural but you always have something to do! My sessions are 90 Minutes giving us plenty of time to relax, talk and most importantly get some really diverse images! 


Be ready with a refreshed heart and mind. I can totally relate to those first days with a newborn. Sleepless nights, body aching, adjusting to the changes, but it's important for you to keep in mind why you are doing this. It would only be a moment in your early days as parents but it's something that you would look back on and wish you could be there one more time.


If you have a special Item or piece of clothing given as a present or meaningful to you, don't forget to have it ready!

After your session, your photos will take about 3 weeks to arrive in your personalised online gallery. Thank you so much in advance for being patient with me! I take my time in the editing process so that every photo you get will be up to my standards.


Once you receive your online gallery, select your favourite images, select the package that better suits you and after a confirmation payment you will be able to download your images in High resolution.


That should cover it!! Of course, If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask! CAN’T WAIT!

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