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Your Wedding Day


Your Wedding Day Guide

I have created a general guide of your wedding day so you know what to expect through out the day and together with your team event, we can create an unforgettable day for you and your family! Also if you’re considering how much photography coverage is needed, this all depends on what parts of the day are important to you.


I’m going into detail as to how much time is needed to allow for each part of the day, we don’t want to rush or miss a special part of your celebration. I want you to relax and enjoy your day.

Take a moment to consider this, your photographs are capturing memories not just for you, but your loved ones and future generations!

Don't forget Let's have some fun!!


Pre-Ceremony Details


I don’t want you to miss a moment! I will capture photos of the ceremony location and details as well as all your family and friends arriving. Nothing like a photo of the groom waiting for his bride to arrive.

Bride Preparation


It’s your time to shine girls! With the extra time you had from the boys i would love for you to have your hair and make-up done before I arrive. It is best if the bridesmaids and family members who are going to be present for the shoot are ready as this speeds the process, and we will have more time for the candid images of the bride getting ready in her dress as well as a few candid portraits. I will photo-graph the bride’s details, bridesmaids and the very special moment she will have with her parents for one last time.

Groom Preparation


I start of the day with the Mr! This give extra time for the bride and bridesmaids to finish hair and make up. I recommend the groom and groomsmen to be ready in their suits, leaving small details of the groom for me to photograph e.g. jacket,tie or bow, cufflinks and shoes. If parents or close family members want to be part of the photographs with the groom, I suggest for them to be ready as well.


Ceremony Details


Most ceremonies last around 45 minutes. If you are having a  traditional church wedding, your ceremony might go for longer, anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour. During the ceremony, I will capture a variety of angles of the bride and groom, the bridal party as well as guests reactions along with the key moments of the service. Following the ceremony, allow an extra 30 minutes for your guests to congratulate the newlyweds. It's truly a great opportunity for candids amongst all the hugging and congratulating.

Post- Ceremony

Newlywed & Bridal Party Portraits


For this session it is preferred to allow a bit of extra time, for more relaxed, fun moments to happen naturally. I like to start with the bridal party photos capturing a variety of fun and beautiful portraits with your bridesmaids and groomsmen before moving onto the couples’ session. I generally send the bridal party away so the couple can have time alone together as these photos are more intimate. 

Reception Details


This section is often forgotten. All those months of planning are worth being registered! The best time to capture all the lovely reception room details and floral arrangements, is before the guests enter the main reception room. We can head back to the reception before the guests enter or if your ceremony is at the same venue as your reception, I can duck in either before the ceremony starts or after the family photos.


1 hour +

This will depend on what parts of the reception you’d like photographed. With 10 hours of coverage that generally allows 3 hours of the reception- including all the formalities; speeches, cutting the cake and the first dance as well as some candid dance floor action.

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